Updates relating to Qudos Insurance A/S

Update in relation to Qudos Insurance A/S Bankruptcy - 20.12.18

It was announced on the 20th December 2018 that Qudos Insurance A/S (“Qudos”) had entered into an insolvent liquidation. This means that Qudos may not have sufficient funds to meet their insurance liabilities. Read more

Update in relation to Qudos Insurance A/S and Danish Financial Supervisory Authority Guarantee Fund - 14.12.18

The rules relating to the liability of the Danish Guarantee Fund changes come into effect in Denmark on the 1st January 2019, this is following legislation in Denmark which was passed in 1st May 2018. We were instructed by our Danish insurance capacity provider Qudos on 23rd August 2018 to inform our clients of same which we duly carried out. Read more

Current Cover Position - Qudos - 06.12.18

Policies remain valid and in force until their natural expiry date, however given the Qudos current position and in line with Central Bank of Ireland recommendations we have provided Brokers with options to replace all insurance covers with other providers. Read more

Qudos Liquidation Update - 05.12.18

Dear Broker, Qudos continues in solvent run-off, all policies remain valid. We confirm the following updates from Qudos in relation to their solvent liquidation – please refer to link for full update - http://www.qudosinsurance.dk/liquidation/ Read more

Q&A Published by Qudos Insurance A/S - 30.11.18

To access the Q&A released by Qudos Insurance A/S please click the attached link. http://www.qudosinsurance.dk/qa/

Communication to the Patrona Broker Panel - 29.11.18

Dear Broker, thank you for your patience to date, we wish to update you on the current status Read more

Situation as at 28.11.18

On the 27th November 2018, New Nordic announced that they had decided to bring Qudos into solvent liquidation following a review of Qudos situation. All policies remain in force and claims handling is proceeding as normal. Read more

Qudos Insurance A/S Announcement - 27.11.18

Qudos Insurance A/S have informed us that following a comprehensive review by its owner, New Nordic, the decision has been made to place Qudos permanently into run-off and to liquidate the remaining assets. Read more