Alwyn Insurance Company Limited

Dear Customer,

Alwyn Insurance Company Limited (“AICL”) is an insurer based in Gibraltar and authorised by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. AICL has been providing insurance services in Ireland since December 2016.

This Notice sets out the likely consequences for some of AICL’s customers if the United Kingdom withdraws from the European Union (“EU”) (“Brexit”) without securing an agreement allowing Gibraltar insurers to continue to provide insurance services in Ireland, known as a “hard Brexit.” In the event of a hard Brexit, AICL would no longer be able to sell insurance policies in Ireland.

Existing Irish Customers

In the event of a hard Brexit, proposed legislation providing for a transitional run-off period will  allow AICL to continue administering insurance policies issued prior to Brexit for its customers based in the Republic of Ireland. Prior to the end of this transition period, AICL may transfer those policies to Arch Insurance (EU) dac, trading as Alwyn Europe (“Arch EU”), an Irish affiliate of AICL based in Dublin and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, if necessary and appropriate, in order to ensure continuity of services to those customers.  Such transfer would be subject to regulatory approval.  We will issue further notices to effect that change at a later date.

New Irish Customers

Whether or not there is a hard Brexit, all new policies and renewals of policies effective from the date of Brexit onward covering our customers based in the Republic of Ireland will be underwritten by Arch Insurance (EU) dac, which is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Customer Personal Data

The transfer of policies outlined above may involve transfer of personal data from AICL to Arch EU. We will ensure that any such personal data that is transferred from AICL to Arch EU will receive the same level of adequate protection in order to safeguard the privacy and integrity of your personal data. Please refer to the Privacy and Data Protection Policy of AICL and Arch EU for additional information about how we treat customer personal data: and-Data-Protection-Policy.

AICL will provide you with further updates as necessary in the event of any changes to this plan which may be necessitated by further changes to the legal and regulatory environment as Brexit progresses.

If you have any queries in relation to this letter, please do not hesitate to contact us at


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Licensed as an insurance company by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission