Covers available

  • Comprehensive

  • Third Party Fire and Theft

  • Third Party Only


Driving options

  • Insured only

  • Insured and named drivers

  • Open driving for drivers aged 25 to 75 years with full and appropriate driving licence.


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  • Carriage of goods for hire and reward


Automatic covers

  • Third Party Property Damage Limit: €6,500,000 any one accident

  • Windscreen: Included where Comprehensive or Third Party Fire and Theft cover is chosen; limits apply

  • Bonus Protection: Step back bonus protection available where full earned no claims bonus is in force

  • Territorial Limits: Republic

  • Policy Excess: €500


 Note: Complimentary Product(s) available

  • Logistics Combined

  • Combined Liability



What does Patrona want?

  • Couriers who are a franchisee or have set contracts

  • Maximum vehicle value of €50,000

  • Light commercial vehicles up to 3500kg GVW Vehicles up to 10 years old


What does Patrona avoid?

  • Risks with no driving experience Carriage of hazardous goods

  • Any use in connection with waste/refuse/recycling Furniture delivery/removal

  • Door to door sales

  • Modified vehicles unless disclosed and agreed prior to inception


Is there a maximum number of vehicles on any one policy?

  • 1 vehicle per policy allowed, however a proposer may have multiple policies

 How do I obtain a quotation?

In order for us to consider providing terms for a risk we will require the following information, please email your submission containing same to

  • Detailed description of the occupation including main contracts

  • Confirmation that the proposer is a franchisee owner/ operator

  • Main area of use

  • Details of the vehicle including valuation

  • Details of driving experience or earned no claims bonus

  • Disclosure of any drivers outside of standard criteria Renewal date

  • Current Insurer

Contact: Commercial Department

Email: or Tel: 053 91 80300

Patrona Underwriting Limited,

The Bushels,