Transparency and security for Agents and Policy Holders:

Qudos Insurance A/S (FSA / Reg. No.:53112) is regulated in Denmark by the Danish FSA (Finanstlsynet) and operates in Ireland under EU Passport arrangements.  Under Danish regulation full policy holder protection is provided for policies written on a Pan European basis.

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EGI Financial Holdings Inc. is the Canadian parent Company of Qudos Insurance A/S and sister company Echelon General Insurance Company. EGI is quoted on the Toronto Stock Exchange (EFH on TSX). EGI has a strong capital base. Its insurance subsidiaries are well capitalized.  It has a high quality investment portfolio.  It has no debt on its balance sheet, little goodwill and few intangible assets.  Echelon has an A.M. Best financial strength rating of B++ (Good). 

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Patrona Flexi policies (Car, Van, Household & Fleet) are all written on a Quota Share reinsurance arrangement between Qudos and a leading reinsurer with an A.M. Best A+ (superior) rating.



 This and the fact that the Qudos are members of the Forsikrings Garantifond, which (like the FSCS in the UK) can provide compensation to policyholders in the event of any financial failure of the firm.  Details can be found here:

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This provides excellent protection and security for our policy holders.



My insurance company is bankrupt
What if the insurance company goes bankrupt?
Insurance companies have jointly developed a guarantee fund " Guarantee Fund for life insurance ."

The Guarantee Fund is used if you as an individual consumer, have your insurance in a bankrupt company, and if you have company as counterparty to an insurance claim .

This means that if you or your counterparty insurance company goes bankrupt, you are assured through the Fund . It will ensure that you still receive the compensation you are entitled to.

You also get the money back - minus a deductible

Guarantee gives you back the money you have paid in advance for your insurance in the bankrupt company (premium) . However, there is an excess of 1,000 - kr , You can report this amount to the bankruptcy estate and thus try to recoup part of the loss .

How do you know about bankruptcy?
All policyholders and injured in the bankrupt company get a letter from the Fund , together with instructions on what to do. These guidelines are also posted on the Guarantee Fund website. In addition, the FSA notified by the press.

The Fund covers all your own private insurance

The Guarantee Fund covers all consumer insurance you have in the bankrupt company. This means that all consumers such as car insurance , moped insurance , home insurance, house insurance, holiday home insurance or accident insurance for the bankrupt company is assured.

The Guarantee Fund covers also insurance policies taken out in groups, when they correspond to private insurance.

Bankruptcy Struck company as counterparty

The Guarantee Fund covers to some extent the private consumers and professionals who have an insurance claim against the bankrupt company , ie . when it is your counterpart , but not your own company.

If there is a motor vehicle liability insurance, it is both damage to persons or things that are covered.

In the case of other liability insurance, only damage to persons covered . Damage to the things you will just have to report to the bankruptcy estate .

Commercial insurance not

Guarantee does not cover commercial insurance, unless the injured person is fully covered under the liable insurance. Financial requirements may instead be reported to the bankruptcy estate.

What should you do?

If you have a claim against the insolvent insurer , please report it to the Guarantee Fund no later than 6 months after the bankruptcy has been published .

Who will manage my claims?

Guarantee Fund enters into an agreement with one or more insurance companies to take over the insurance cases in the bankrupt company . Payment of compensation from the Guarantee Fund is as soon as possible and no later than 3 months after you have reviewed the claim.

You will be contacted by the insurance company to handle your case .

Questions to ask your insurance claim?

You should contact the insurance company that is set to handle your case , if you have questions .

Published / Updated 01/10/2010