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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that may be stored on your computer or mobile device that contains data related to a website you visit. It may allow a website “remember” your actions or preferences over a period of time, or it may contain data related to the function or delivery of the site. Cookies can be set by the owner of the website or in some cases by third party services the website owner allows to present other information, run content or provide other functionality such as analytics.

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How are they used on this site?

We use the following cookies to collect information that help us understand how our websites are being used:






1st party cookie that uniquely identifies a customer’s session. This is used to uniquely identify your visit to the site. In essence it carries from page to page the details which you input in to forms when using the quote and buy online systems. This cookie is removed when your browser is closed or there is more than 1 hour of inactivity.

End Of Session or 1 hour inactivity


Used to distinguish individual users

2 years

Cookie Consent

Used to identify if you have given consent to use cookies

1 day (24 hrs)

Managing Cookies

Within your browser you can choose whether you wish to accept cookies or not. Different browsers make different controls available to you and so we provide links below to popular manufacturers' instructions on how you can do this. Generally, your browser will offer you the choice to accept, refuse or delete cookies at all times, or those from providers that website owners use ("third party cookies"), or those from specific websites.

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